Tuesday, January 18, 2011

in his image

This baffles me.
Guelph, January 2011


Alec said...

A Christian hair salon?

randy sutherland said...

only He knows. maybe women get their beards trimmed here?

DYLANESQ said...

A Google search reveals many salons of the same name all over the USA. This particular one , in Guelph,has a Facebook page called 'In His Image Beauty Salon And Cosmetics', showing the clientele to be mostly afro folk.. It must be some religiously driven 'franchise'.
Do you have any relatives in VT,USA ?

randy sutherland said...

Thanks! I don't know of any relations in Vermont, but then, I don't know most things, ha. Our family came from Caithness and Lewis, Scotland, 1850s. cheers!