Sunday, May 21, 2006


Up until a few generations ago community life was fairly stable for most people. You were born, raised, married, had your own family and died in the same village or county as your parents and grandparents. This has vanished from the industrialized world today - it's rare you meet anyone who has grown up in the place they live - or anyone whose parents or siblings live nearby. The lonely crowd is a cliche.
Urban design revolving around automobiles exacerbates this erosion of community life which is why I have always chosen to live downtown - where I can walk or ride my bike to as many social activities as possible.
Our family moved several times while I was growing up - we were always leaving friends behind. I wanted my children to know the pleasures of stability and the joys of community. I feel lucky that this has come to be.
Where's this all going?
Last night a couple dozen neighbours got together for a pot luck dinner. While the older crowd chatted the younger ones were occupied with blowing and chasing huge bubbles.
This pic is of our hosts' home reflected in one of the bubbles - for me it represents both the stability and the fragility of community.



Lorna said...

beautiful picture, poignant accompaniment

Gareth said...

This is an amazing shot, Randy. I hope the bubble doesn't burst. Feels like they're bursting all over, faster than we can keep blowing them.

Sue Richards said...


You've proven my conclusion....we do live in a bubble.

Yer neighbour.

mld said...

Prior to getting married the lomgest I had lived anywhere was four year. My husband lived in two homes before going to serve in the army. We have been in our current home for 18 years. I love being grounded, I love having a community. Three of our children are with in a half hour of us and the forth is two hours away. I consider myself blessed.
The PHOTO is one of my favorites.

Mick said...

Very creative Randy, how well your text matches the photo. Mick

randy sutherland said...

I must also say that I do feel a community here. Thanks everyone.